• Discover How To Create A Powerful Life In A Natural Authentic Way
  • Align And Connect With Your True Purpose
  • Develop Clarity & Direction Supported By Ongoing Action Plans
  • Increase Opportunities By Trusting Your Intuitive Guidance System
  • Cultivate And Grow Your Own Personal Power And Strength
  • Recognise How Your Unique Talents Contribute To The World
  • Radiate Courage And Confidence As You Walk To Your Own Beat
  • Heighten Your Awareness And Transcend Your Limitations


Douglas Peacock

Chief G.U.R.U Coach And Advisor

"I believe life is an effortless on-going dance of creation. By moving deeper into knowing ourselves, we discover increasing levels of love and compassion. Join me on an evolving path of consciousness."

Terriane Palmer

Boss Lady & Crypto Curator

"The purpose of LIFE is to grow, so embracing change and exploring new things is not only natural to me, but something that generates joy, passion and excitement. It's amplified when others join me on the journey."

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